13 Years Old and Still Changing and Evolving

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I have never used my blog posts to be self-promoting. However, I would like to recognize eTERA Consulting since this past February marked the 13th anniversary of the company. At the same time, I would like to reflect on some of the things that stand out in my mind during my tenure at eTERA. Certainly, being in business for 13 years is worthy of a few promotional remarks!

When I joined the company in 2008, we were a paper, eDiscovery and trial presentation company. Since that time eTERA like the legal industry has undergone some significant changes driven by the growth of data and the emergence of new technologies. As I tell my colleagues all the time we are in a continual state of change and evolution as a company and legal industry. And change and evolution are good things.

In 2009, we changed our name from ePIC to eTERA Consulting. At the same time we started to recognize that we were more than an eDiscovery vendor competing on our standard price list. We started to undertake major client engagements where we were seen as the data and technology management experts who could utilize multiple tools across the Electronic Discovery Reference Model. And we took pride in the fact that we were consultants building customized solutions for our clients as we started to land Opt1mum One managed services contracts.

In 2012, our tagline, Built by the clients, for the clients® was born. This tagline played very nicely into our ability to build customized data management solutions to help clients save money, build efficiencies and improve their decision making abilities. And as the data got more complex and bigger, we realized that newer technologies, robust reporting requirements, data security, and the need for highly qualified and experienced subject matter experts who understood client demands were the key to continued growth and success.

As we continued to change and evolve between 2008 and the present, we built the necessary infrastructure around people, process and technology to not only service the eDiscovery marketplace but also manage engagements within the fast moving information governance arena. As we listened to the various problems, issues and needs of corporations, information governance started to become an important discussion topic and opportunity to further add value to clients.

So yes, 13 years later eTERA continues to change and evolve to meet the needs of clients. My time here┬áat eTERA has certainly been challenging but it’s also been continuously rewarding and exciting. Stay tuned: eTERA will continue to change and evolve, just like the world of big data.


Posted by Joe Kanka, Vice President, Marketing, eTERA Consulting. Joe can be reached at marketing@eteraconsulting.com.

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