All1ance One Partner Program

Expand your services. Win more clients. Increase your revenue.

How much more value could you be providing to your clients? How much business are you leaving at the table? By partnering with eTERA Consulting there is no need to keep passing on new opportunities because you cannot provide the eDiscovery services needed by your clients.

All1ance One is eTERA Consulting’s highly successful partnership program that offers three types of partnerships:

Connection - Connectors are referral partners who benefit from simply introducing eTERA Consulting to their legal industry clients and contacts. Connector partners receive a referral fee for each referral made to eTERA that results in engagement work.

Association - Associates are reseller partners who benefit from offering eTERA Consulting services along with their own services to clients. Associate partners are provided with competitive wholesale pricing allowing them to resell eTERA’s services to their clients for a profit and still be within market rates.

Integration – Integrator partners have an ongoing client need and benefit from signing fixed price, managed services contracts for eTERA’s services encompassing consulting, project management, processing, hosting, review, production and storage.

The All1ance One program is designed so partners can leverage their contacts in order to generate additional revenues by delivering an end-to-end eDiscovery solution. All1ance One is a win/win: a win for our partners and their clients. Corporate legal departments, law firms and government agencies alike benefit from access to eTERA’s enhanced eDiscovery services.

eTERA’s services fall within the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (“EDRM”) including consulting, project management, forensic collections, ESI processing, hosting, review, production and storage relating to litigation, government investigation and regulatory proceedings. eTERA can also provide additional expertise that is not strictly within the EDRM such as data challenges related to risk management and compliance.

All1ance One partners receive the following benefits:

  • New revenue sources
  • Ability to provide eDiscovery services to clients
  • Robust and secure eDiscovery infrastructure with no investment required
  • Strong award winning partner with financial stability, national recognition and global footprint
  • Access to data and technology management subject matter experts
  • Access to Gartner Group Magic Quadrant Technologies
  • Ongoing marketing and sales support
  • Customized onboarding program including “go to market” strategies
  • Dedicated point of contact
  • Continuing training and education

Current members of the All1ance One global partner network include:

  • Litigation Consultants
  • Information Governance and Compliance Consultants
  • IT Companies
  • Software Companies
  • Forensic Collection Firms
  • Document Management Companies
  • Legal Staffing Companies
  • Forensic Accounting Firms
  • Forensic Experts
  • Court Reporting Companies
  • Trial Presentation Companies
  • Individuals with Strong Connections in the Legal Industry

By joining the eTERA All1ance One partner program as a Connector, Associate or Integrator you will expand your services, win more clients and increase your revenue.

For more information, please download the following information sheet or contact the All1ance One team via email at or by calling 202.349.0177.