1ntelligent One™

Use real-time data analytics reporting to make better decisions and eliminate 95% of unnecessary data.

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  • Are you frustrated with trying to compare apples to apples across e-discovery service providers?
  • Are you confused about what you are paying for and what results you are getting?
  • Are you interested in seeing a transparent “you get input” data reduction process with customized reports?

Introducing 1ntelligent One 2.0

1ntelligent One 2.0 is a robust, transparent document review management tool that allows attorneys, project managers, case managers, review managers and document reviewers to get an in-depth look into the overall electronic document review process. 

Some of the benefits of 1ntelligent One 2.0 include:

  • Responsiveness Analysis
  • Privilege Analysis
  • Reviewer Efficiency Analysis
  • Custom Predictive Coding Reports

Some of the results you can expect from 1ntelligent One 2.0 include:

  • Review Time Savings (increase review speeds 30% - 40%)
  • Significant Reduction in Document Review Labor Costs
  • Faster, Defensible and Cost-Effective Productions

1ntelligent One Reduces Data and Enhances Review

1ntelligent One combines dynamic data metrics reporting with a transparent electronic data reduction process that provides the customer with input and insight into the overall effectiveness of data filtering. 

1ntelligent One is designed to allow you to “see” the process and tweak our filtering system to eliminate up to 95% of the data prior to document review, resulting in significant savings in downstream attorney review costs.

The only full proof way to reduce EDD costs is to eliminate irrelevant data early in the process.  Numerous studies have shown that the most expensive phase in the EDRM model is document review which can be as much as $10,000 - $18,000 per gb! (Click here to see the math)  By combining search expertise, smart data analysis, dynamic reporting on data metrics and best–of-breed technology, 1ntelligent One has proven to reduce data by over 95%.


  • Transparency in the E-Discovery Process
  • Cost control
  • Apples to apples comparison
  • Budget estimate for EDD


  • Reduce data set by 95% prior to review
  • Dynamic data metrics reporting
  • Transparency of process
  • Robust reporting of ROI impact of each EDD decision

Accurately Budget and Reduce the Cost Burden of e-Discovery

While it may be impossible to compare apples to apples when it comes to electronic discovery, it is possible to open up the box and show you how it works. 

1ntelligent One does just that.  It gives you insight into the data allowing you to make better decisions on how to manage electronic data pursuant to discovery.

What you can expect from eTERA and 1ntelligent One:

  • Significant EDD cost reductions
  • Transparency of process
  • Stage-by-stage data reporting
  • ROI reporting: On average, our clients save $15 for every $1 they invest
  • Significant reduction in document review labor costs

Robust Reporting provides instant information at your fingertips

1ntelligent One provides reporting at all stages and includes reporting on these, as well as other, metrics:

  • Document count and file sizes for collections
  • Document count and file sizes for filtering
  • Unique Documents and Duplicates
  • DeNISTed and Excluded Documents
  • Document Exceptions
  • Search Hit Analysis
  • Web Review Statistics
  • Review Analytics, such as Cluster Reports and Predictive Coding Analysis

To find out more about how it works, please email I1@eteraconsulting.com or call 202.349.0177.