eTERA Consulting offers five key services encompassing Early Information Assessment®, Forens1cs One (sm), 1ntelligent One™, Opt1mum One® and Rev1ew One™. These solutions help clients to proactively identify and interpret key data early in the life cycle allowing for significant data reduction, enhanced decision-making abilities and lower risk resulting in significant downstream savings on processing and document review costs.

Early Information Assessment® (EIA)

Early Information Assessment (EIA) is eTERA’s cross-discipline methodology and service for bridging the data responsibility overlaps and gaps between Legal, IT and Compliance stakeholders. Our Early Information Assessment service delivers a proactive, data analytics approach to integrating the management of corporate information as it relates to: 

  • Data Mapping
  • Government Investigations
  • Litigation Hold
  • Electronic Discovery
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Records management
  • IT Data maintenance

Forens1cs One (sm)

Forens1cs One combines solutions for both national and international forensic analysis and acquisition to enable our clients to quickly ascertain what data they need to retrieve and analyze.  Then, using industry standard state-of-the-art tools, our certified forensic experts successfully assist in the success of any investigation.

The goal of eTERA’s Forens1cs One solution is to perform a structured investigation while maintaining a documented chain of evidence to find out exactly what happened on a computer or mobile device and who was responsible for it.

Our end-to-end Forens1cs One solution includes:

  • Data Collection
  • Processing
  • Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Hosting
  • Review
  • Testimony 

We make this solution available to individuals, businesses, legal and government organizations, as well as partner companies that need to provide these solutions to their own customers. By having a national and international presence, eTERA can provide cost and time savings to clients by having forensic experts near acquisition sites; furthermore, the forensics solution can be combined with the overall electronic discovery strategy for additional cost savings. 

1ntelligent One™

1ntelligent One combines dynamic data metrics reporting with a transparent electronic data reduction process that provides the customer with input and insight into the overall effectiveness of data filtering. 

1ntelligent One is designed to allow you to “see” the process and tweak our filtering system to eliminate up to 95% of the data prior to document review, resulting in significant savings in downstream attorney review costs.

The only full proof way to reduce EDD costs is to eliminate irrelevant data early in the process.  Numerous studies have shown that the most expensive phase in the EDRM model is document review which can exceed $10,000 per gb! By combining search expertise, smart data analysis, dynamic reporting on data metrics and best–of-breed technology, 1ntelligent One has proven to reduce data by over 95%.

Opt1mum One® Managed Services

Opt1mum One is a subscription-based electronic discovery and litigation support service for law firms, corporations and organizations that delivers highly responsive, top-quality services at a predictable, fixed-price.

Opt1mum One was designed for flexibility, allowing organizations, if desired, to combine their existing software, hardware and people with eTERA Consulting’s significant investment in infrastructure.

Opt1mum One is the industry’s only one-stop managed service solution using best-in-class technology, that allows your organization to leverage market leading litigation support while surrounding your litigation team with the components necessary to create smooth, efficient processes. Opt1mum One frees resources in your organization, allowing you to focus them on more strategic work where they can add the greatest value.

Rev1ew One™

Rev1ew One™ is eTERA Consulting’s document review solution that integrates project management, contract staffing, quality control processes, technology and real time reporting to ensure that corporations and law firms effectively manage document reviews which are the most costly part of eDiscovery. Rev1ew One helps clients to identify and analyze key data, and reduce the amount of data that does not require processing and review resulting in significant cost savings, enhanced decision making abilities, efficiencies, and defensibility.