The Changing Role of Corporate Legal Departments – Now with 17 Key Business Objectives

I posted my first blog on this specific topic in 2012. At that point, I explained a corporate legal departments’ 10 key business objectives to achieved. In 2014, that grew to 12. And more recently in 2015, the number stood at 13. As corporate legal departments continue to change and evolve, particularly with the volume of data and increase … Continue reading The Changing Role of Corporate Legal Departments – Now with 17 Key Business Objectives

If I Only Knew Then, What I Know Now

Recently, I was having lunch with a former colleague at a major telecommunications company who is a manager in their corporate legal department. My colleague and I started working together back in 1979 as paralegals for AT&T. It was during the heyday of several antitrust suits being filed against the Bell System. As we were … Continue reading If I Only Knew Then, What I Know Now

6 Focus Areas for Corporate Legal Department Managers

As I mentioned in my previous two blogs on corporate legal departments, my days inside the legal departments at AT&T and Bell Atlantic helped me realize that there is truly a uniqueness and artistry to being effective in this industry – managers must continually enhance their legal, technology and soft skills across the board.

10 Critical Skills for Corporate Legal Department Management Professionals

In thinking back on my own corporate legal department experience with AT&T and Bell Atlantic, and understanding today’s corporate legal department business environment, I have established a list of ten critical skills that corporate legal department management professionals must have to be successful in their roles today.

9 Reasons Why Corporate Legal Departments Are Unique

One of the key trends I have been very pleased to see over the past few years is the growing importance of management professionals within corporate legal departments. As someone who has spent 15 years working inside the legal departments of AT&T and Bell Atlantic managing several business and operational functions, I recognize two critical things:

Legal Project Management is Not a Fad

Steve Levy, CEO of Lexician and author of the book, Legal Project Management, stated during a recent webinar hosted by my company that “legal project management is not a fad.” During the webinar on the important and timely topic of legal project management, Mr. Levy presented ten excuses that he often encounters from law firms and corporate legal departments for not getting started:

Project Management Leads to Legally Defensible Results

In July of 2011, I had the opportunity to be a panel speaker on the topic of Key Strategies for Managing Legal Projects. In preparing my remarks for the panel, I kept asking the question as to why legal project management is getting so much attention these days. Yes, technology has forever changed the legal industry. And yes, the growth and complexity of electronically stored information continues with no end in sight.

Are You the Perfect Legal Manager?

As a legal manager, how would you evaluate yourself? If you are an emerging legal manager, what are your strengths and weaknesses? To help you answer these questions, let me provide an inventory of what I believe are the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to be an effective manager in today’s legal environment. Let’s call … Continue reading Are You the Perfect Legal Manager?