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The global economy dictates that companies need to rely more on international eDiscovery solutions to deal with the challenges that arise in cross-border matters. These solutions include the ability to seamlessly collect data scattered in different countries, review documents in multiple languages, and comply with data protection and privacy laws.

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eTERA Consulting in Europe is a global organization specializing in multijurisdictional and multilingual litigation, investigatory matters and regulatory compliance. eTERA in Europe provides services across the Electronic Discovery Reference Model that are flexible and scalable, working with highly qualified experts to craft customized solutions for each client, regardless of country or province.

Our leadership team, project managers and experts have the cultural expertise and mobile flexibility that allows for customized, in-country litigation support solutions, including review center capabilities and multilingual managed review, as well as optimized analytics, workflows and reporting. eTERA in Europe’s database of subject matter experts includes lawyers, linguists, data privacy professionals and specialists in analytics and technology across nearly all 28 Member States.

The eTERA Europe leadership team brings trusted litigation and regulatory expertise and services to the continent, including early information assessment, data collection, processing, hosting, staffing, managed review and production. Well-versed in data protection and privacy matters, eTERA Europe’s heightened awareness of cross-border litigation and regulatory challenges is essential in crafting customized in-country litigation support and consulting solutions that are truly in your country, under your control.

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