Helping Clients With Data Security

eTERA has partnered with a group of highly experienced security experts focused on educating and training corporations on the risks they face and how to mitigate them. Our consultants are experienced in some of the most challenging environments in the world having worked in the White House Security Operations Center and Pentagon Security Operations Center. They currently advise and support Fortune 100 corporations, the Intelligence Community and the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security.

eTERA believes in partnerships with each of our clients — security is an essential part of that. Instead of dropping in, fixing a problem, and forgetting about our clients when we leave, eTERA is committed to continued support and attention. Whether a Fortune 500 company, intelligence agency, or federal client, we provide continuity, helping solve problems faster.







Incident response

When called to handle an incident, eTERA’s security group initially uses a baseline approach to verify an attack occurred, identify the path of entry, ensure access has been blocked, and determine the severity of the breach. Once the network is secured and scope of the attack defined, eTERA’s security group can perform a more precise, in-depth forensic investigation to support a deeper investigation. Identifying the threats quickly helps limit the scope and contain the threat.

eTERA’s security group then collaborates with eTERA’s data management team to move the potentially compromised data to a secure location, allowing for a safer, more extensive review. eTERA’s data management experts work with clients to review, tag and prepare action steps for specific data sets.

Services included under incident response include the following:

  1. Enterprise risk management
  2. Threat assessment and mitigation strategies
  3. Digital forensics
  4. Malware analysis
  5. Application security
  6. Log analysis and enterprise-wide sweeping
  7. Crisis management
  8. Investigative services
  9. Open Source Intelligence (OSI) analysis
  10. Threat collection
  11. Litigation support and document review

Threat management

eTERA believes that security begins with threat management, which attempts to mitigate risk upfront. eTERA’s security group has extensive relationships with InfraGard, Center for Internet Security and several other threat monitoring and alerting organizations. We leverage our partnerships to help our clients monitor and manage threats, whether internal or external, from protection to detection.

eTERA’s security group handles threat management by strengthening existing security operations and programs, responding appropriately to internal and external threats, and leveraging audits and assessments for the most value.

Threat management services include the following:

  1. SOC/CIRT optimization
  2. Operational threat intelligence
  3. Splunk professional services
  4. Security program development
  5. Threat analysis
  6. Virtual Security Operations Center (VSOC) services
  7. Insider threat
  8. Risk assessments
  9. Security audits