Office 365 Supervisory Review Can Help Save Thousands on Downstream Hosting and Managed Review Costs

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As Office 365 continues to captivate the world, Microsoft releases another wave of useful nuggets that benefit us in the eDiscovery world.   One of those is Supervisory Review.  An eDiscovery Manager can log into Office 365 Security & Compliance center and create supervisor policies now, in addition to what E3 & E5 already offer today, like creating a new case, putting emails on hold, searching across all mailboxes, drives and sites and exporting for the purposes of an outside managed review.

So how does this help your managed review costs?

Well, Supervisory Review allows a corporate client to review emails or documents from within their Outlook (like a public folder) which match the conditions of the policies that are created by the managed review center, like the results of keyword searches, privileged reviews, documents containing trade secrets or sensitive information types (PII, HIPAA), for example.  This in turn helps to alleviate the need to review these documents as they are known up front to not be included in the responsive set.

Not only are there immediate cost savings on attorney fees, but also on production storage.

eTERA is a preferred Microsoft Partner with respect to Office 365 eDiscovery and works with many corporations to learn their eDiscovery capabilities on this new platform. We provide our clients and industry associates education around how eDiscovery using Office 365 is vastly different than the current process of exporting data we are traditionally used to.   eTERA can fill the technology gaps where Office 365 does not cover, like legal hold notification, forensic collection & managed review and staffing.

Written by Chris Hurlebaus, Director, Client Engagement, eTERA Consulting. Chris can be reached at

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