Opt1mum One® for Law Firms

eTERA Consulting’s Opt1mum One® is a dynamic and scalable eDiscovery and litigation support Managed Services solution for law firms that delivers highly responsive services on demand and predictable budgets.

Opt1mum One for Law Firms LogoOpt1mum One® empowers firms to establish and enhance in-house capabilities by decreasing capital and operational budgets.  Opt1mum One® delivers on two critical objectives; cost control and risk reduction. 

By significantly reducing costs and risks, Opt1mum One® Managed Services allows litigation and eDiscovery personnel to focus on efficiencies, client needs, and case management instead of the day-to-day operations and security risks associated with data volumes and complex data. For law firms, this translates to:
• Less IT capital and operational expenditures
• Significant reduction in recruitment expenses and retention of support staff
• Better utilization of office footprint for billable professionals
• Added value to clients
eTERA’s Managed Services components include:
• ROI reporting
• Secure co-location facilities
• Strict information and data security protocols
• Technology utilization program
• On demand support staff
• IT partner resources
• Training
For more information, please contact O1@eteraconsulting.com or call 202.349.0177 or download the Opt1mum One® Managed Services PDF.