Partner Program

All1ance One

Building a global partner network


The All1ance One® partner program, through our Opt1mum One® offering, helps organizations build new opportunities, extend their lines of service, and develop additional revenue.

Our data experts and information governance attorneys will help your clients craft data management policy and implement automated data management procedures that minimize cost and risk while helping your clients stay compliant. These offerings are available within our managed service Opt1mum One offering.



eTERA Marketing Department

Examples of a partner

  • Microsoft-certified partners
  • Information technology consulting
  • Security consulting
  • Managed service providers

Our offerings

eTERA Across the EDRM

Partner options

Referral partners

A referral partner benefits by simply introducing eTERA to their legal industry clients and contacts. The partner receives a referral fee for each connection that results in engagement work.

Reseller partners

A reseller partner benefits from offering eTERA services along with their own services to clients. These partners are provided with competitive, wholesale pricing allowing them to resell eTERA’s services to their clients for profit.

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