eTERA Consulting Announces Document Review Management Tool 1ntelligent One 2.0

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Leads to Document Review Cost Savings, Improved Reviewer Quality and Legally Defensible Productions

WASHINGTON, DC, January 31, 2013eTERA Consulting, nominated by the National Law Journal for two consecutive years as the nation’s top end-to-end eDiscovery provider and litigation consulting firm who specializes in helping Fortune 1000 companies and the Am Law 100 overcome the costs and budget challenges of managing large volumes of data and electronic discovery, today announced the introduction of its document review management tool 1ntelligent One 2.0. 1ntelligent One 2.0 is a robust and transparent tool that provides attorneys, project managers and review managers with an in-depth and ongoing assessment of the overall electronic document review management process.

“In 2012, eTERA Consulting introduced a new concept to the electronic discovery marketplace – 1ntelligent One, which combines dynamic data metrics reporting with a transparent electronic data reduction process,” said company president Scott Holec. “1ntelligent One has helped our clients eliminate up to 95% of the data prior to document review resulting in significant savings in downstream attorney review costs. At the start of 2013, eTERA Consulting is taking 1ntelligent One to the next stage – 1ntelligent One 2.0 which is an invaluable review tool with several key features including custom predictive coding reports that will help our clients improve the overall document review management process, enhance the quality of document review decisions, and significantly reduce associated labor costs.”

“One of the largest expenses associated with eDiscovery is the review time provided by contract attorneys, costing the equivalent of approximately $10,000/per GB,” said Todd Haley, eTERA’s Vice President of Business Intelligence. “1ntelligent One 2.0 allows legal teams and managed review providers to get an instant and continual look into review team efficiencies, document calls and processes to ensure the most efficient and highest quality reviews are being conducted. The results that can be gained from 1ntelligent One 2.0 include review time savings, elimination of document review inefficiencies, enhanced reporting and defensible productions. As part of our 1ntelligent One program, we provide virtual tours to better educate clients on using the 1ntell1gent One 2.0 review tool features and reports.”

About eTERA Consulting

eTERA Consulting is a nationally recognized company providing innovative global solutions to help Fortune 1000 and Am Law 100 clients overcome the costs and budget hardship of managing large volumes of data, electronic discovery, content searching and operational challenges. As a technology independent international consultancy, eTERA offers four key services encompassing Early Information Assessment®, Forens1cs One, Intell1gent One and Opt1mum One®. These solutions help clients to proactively identify and interpret key data early in the life cycle allowing for significant data reduction, enhanced decision-making abilities, compliance, and lower risk resulting in significant downstream savings on processing and document review costs. eTERA Consulting provides clients with the subject and management expertise, technical roadmap, resources, and data analysis tools needed to defend against litigation, government investigations and regulatory oversight. eTERA’s diverse team of data management, technology and eDiscovery experts have managed the most complex cases of our times for corporations, law firms and government agencies. Headquartered in Washington, DC, eTERA Consulting has served the legal vertical since 2004.

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