Relativity Fest 2017 was as rich in knowledge as it was the Fest

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It’s been an entire sun and moon cycle since I somehow safely returned home from the Hilton Riverside Hotel in Chicago after last week’s Relativity Fest.   I’m not sure which part of me hurts more, my mind from the conversations and speakers who presented or my body from the entertainment and festivities that our friends at Relativity and all their sponsors so kindly presented.

The week was filled with answers and much needed dialog for everyone.

Andrew Seiji, founder and CEO of Relativity, spoke brilliantly for over 2 hours during the opening keynote.  Every occasionally, Dan, the demo extraordinaire and anyone who likes to see magic happen on screen’s friend, would jump up on stage to show the nearly two thousand sitting in attendance the future of Relativity.  I got to sit front row right next to them, looking down at a strange Cow Bell directly by my seat in which Andrew rang as he began a token of appreciation for our Swiss clients who donated it to him.

After that, some of us took a more technical track, digging deep into Search and Analytics performance or ways to energize the user interface.  Others went into emerging technologies and the innovations that are coming soon.  Each session or workshop seemed to answer some of the looming questions that eTERA and our clients have been asking.

Later that afternoon, Relativity presented The Judicial Panel.   The discussion was moderated by David Horrigan and saw Judge Peck poking at Judge Rodriguez over some fun, while his honor from Australia Justice Peter Vickery discussed the strict Data Privacy laws which have been in place for some time.   One standard was certainly agreed upon: that data privacy is here and must be respected through the use of a defensible process, key technology and well-versed people like eTERA in Information Governance, for example our services for the upcoming GDPR-compliance deadline in 6 months.

And then there was the last Night at the Museum…

Enter the buses and off we were shuttled to the Museum of Science and Industry, which holds some of the most wonderful artifacts. Everyone was having a delightful time navigating the Mirror Maze or U-505 submarine boat from WWII.  I tried to indulge in almost every historical delight within that right place and thank the staff for their patronage.

In sum, once again Relativity knocks it out of the park, and this author was glad to be a part of it.

Written by Chris Hurlebaus, CEDS, MCSE, Director, Client Engagement, eTERA Consulting.  Chris can be reached at

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