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Built by the clients for the clients®, eTERA Consulting offers a number of key services to help clients manage data and technology including Early Information Assessment®, Forens1cs One®, 1ntelligent One® and Rev1ew One®.

Early Information Assessment

Early Information Assessment® (EIA)

Early Information Assessment

Early Information Assessment (EIA) is eTERA Consulting’s unique, proactive methodology for integrating the management of big data responsibilities. Read More

Forens1cs One

Forens1cs One®

Forensics One

Forens1cs One combines solutions for both national and international forensic analysis and acquisition to enable our clients to quickly ascertain what data they need to retrieve and analyze. Read More

1ntelligent One

1ntelligent One®

Intelligent One

1ntelligent One combines dynamic data metrics reporting with a transparent electronic data reduction process that provides the customer with input and insight into the overall effectiveness of data filtering. Read More

Rev1ew One

Rev1ew One®

Review One

Rev1ew One is eTERA Consulting's document review solution that integrates project management, contract staffing, quality control processes, technology and real time reporting. Read More