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Whether you are a corporation or law firm, eTERA Consulting’s pricing options include transactional work, master services agreements, or managed services contracts.

These three engagement options provide complete flexibility and customization to meet specific business and legal objectives. As part of all client engagements, eTERA provides a defensible project management methodology and dedicated project team comprised of experienced subject matter experts needed to manage data and associated technologies.

Opt1mum One

optimum-one-tagOpt1mum One® is eTERA Consulting’s subscription based pricing solution for information governance and eDiscovery managed services including processing, hosting and managed review. The subscription approach is an arrangement where clients pay a set amount each year for services they need for a certain volume of data. With this structure, clients receive the required services with an option to add or remove volumes of data. Remaining, unused data rolls over for free.

Subscription based data management services eBook

Opt1mum One provides clients with the most comprehensive set of benefits encompassing:

  • Budget predictability and cost savings
  • Greater command, control and access to electronically stored information
  • Enhanced decision making abilities using data analytics and reporting
  • Greater centralization of and efficiencies in litigation operations
  • Effective reporting systems, tools and metrics
  • Secure information and data in a protected environment
  • Effective utilization of leading technologies in discovery as recognized by the Gartner Group, without investing in costly infrastructure
  • Access to human capital as needed, without adding to headcount and overhead
  • Repeatable, measurable and defensible processes that can be validated before courts and regulators
  • Ongoing training and education
  • Flexible solutions to manage specific case matters regardless of size, scope, duration and location

Master Services Agreements

eTERA also works with clients through master services agreements. The benefits of these agreements for clients include:

  • Negotiated pricing and terms and conditions are included
  • Quicker to engage for a new project
  • Each project individually authorized and approved
  • Statement of work contains only scope, pricing based upon MSA, and any changes to the terms and conditions required for a specific project only
  • Confidentiality and data security provisions included
  • Dedicated project management team assigned

Transactional Engagements

eTERA works with clients on a case-by-case matter basis. The benefits of transactional engagements for clients include:

  • One case at a time, utilizing a statement of work
  • Spells out pricing for a single project, pricing can be unit or all inclusive
  • Terms and conditions apply for single project only
  • Confidentiality and data security provisions included
  • Dedicated project management team assigned

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