Forensic Preservation and Collection

End to end, reliable electronic evidence analysis


Forens1cs One® is eTERA Consulting’s solution providing cost effective, end-to-end and reliable electronic evidence analysis of computer devices. Our certified forensic experts use industry standard state-of-the-art tools available to ensure the success of any investigation. The goal of eTERA’s Forens1cs One solution is to perform a structured investigation while maintaining a documented chain of evidence to find out exactly what happened on a computer or mobile device and who was responsible for it.

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Our end-to-end Forens1cs One solution includes:

  • Data Collection
  • Processing
  • Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Hosting
  • Review
  • Testimony

We make this solution available to individuals, businesses, legal and government organizations, as well as partner companies that need to provide these solutions to their own customers.

How it works

eTERA’s computer forensics experts utilize technologically advanced software, tools and expertise to respond, collect, preserve, and analyze Electronically Stored Information (ESI) to uncover the root cause of an incident.

Recovery and preservation of electronic evidence is the key to successful investigations.

Relevant case information often resides on all forms of computer devices and if you miss some you may be missing crucial data that you need to prove your case. These areas include:

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Desktop Computers



Tablet PCs


Cell Phones



Floppy Disks

Tape and Online Backup Devices and Services

Email Systems

Why is it important?

Preserving the digital evidence that is critical to an event is very important. Doing it properly can mean the difference between winning or losing a court case. eTERA forensics experts deploy court-tested and defensible techniques for collecting and preserving ESI.

Our findings are documented in an expert report written by computer forensics professionals with world-class pedigrees and certifications. We can also send the data we collect to a hosting platform to be reviewed by others working on your behalf.

How eTERA can help

We have the experience and training to help you with your issue. Below is an example of common issues we can assist you with:

  • Internal audits and investigations
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Investigations and other Regulatory Investigations
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Investigations
  • Medical fraud (including Medicare)
  • Employment Issues (persons involved in civil litigation as the defendant or plaintiff in cases related to sexual harassment, theft of company data, improper termination of employment and other civil matters).
  • Data recovery and defensible deletions

For more information

To find out more about eTERA’s Forens1cs One solution, please email

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