Information Governance (EIA) Success Stories

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International Financial Corporation

Our Experts

Todd Haley
Vice President, Strategic Solutions

Vazantha Meyers, Esq.
Managing Director, Rev1ew One

Meredith Feezell
Director, Consulting Services

Andrew Retizos
Senior Consultant

Alan Moyer
Project Manager


The client, who started with managed review, was looking for a better solution to manage both its small and large case matters, from litigation hold management through complex case management.


The client was in discussions directly with Relativity to use their software as a service offering. As part of that process, they invited eTERA to the table to discuss options on services. Todd Haley, Vice President of Strategic Solutions, and Vazantha Meyers, Managing Director of Rev1ew One, discussed service options with the client. The client determined they were looking for a full service solution, which Relativity was unable to offer. eTERA offers 24/7/365 support, with the ability to provide information governance, litigation hold and data disposition consulting as part of a subscription-based, managed services solution. The proposed solution also provided cost-certainty, with the flexibility to handle any and all services that were required.

Additionally, the client needed to move multiple large cases from another provider. eTERA’s own Senior Consultant Andrew Retizos handled multiple communications with the client and a solid working relationship with the other provider to obtain the data. Andrew also immediately identified that an additional project manager would be needed to cover the 24 hour requirement, so Alan Moyer was added to the project team (all projects at eTERA have one Senior Consultant and one Project Manager normally).

Meredith Feezell took the lead on the technical implementation of Relativity Litigation Hold Software and she and Vazantha worked with the client to set up protocols, processes and technical load procedures to allow them to start using the software quickly.


Managed Services Contract, Litigation Hold Software and Process Management, Processing/Hosting Storage, Consulting Hours for Information Governance, eDiscovery Process and Protocols and Litigation Hold Procedures, Managed Review Hours for human review.