Information Governance (EIA)

Manage big data in a defensible manner, reduce costs


As the volume and complexity of global data continues to grow exponentially within corporations, so do the risks and costs associated with managing it.  For most companies, this risk is very difficult to quantify and the management of data often crosses multiple internal departments.  Along with the volume, the variety of data sources is increasing.

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Early Information Assessment® (EIA) is eTERA’s unique, proactive methodology for integrating the management of big data responsibilities shared by legal, information technology, security, risk, compliance and regulatory stakeholders.  eTERA’s EIA experts, comprised of attorneys, IT and project management experts, use leading edge technologies to help corporations manage, identify, analyze, and remediate data, while providing sound, defensible processes and procedures.

The Opt1mumOne Solutions Comparison and the infrastructure diagram outlines how Opt1mumOne EIA works across such environments as corporate on-premise data centers and cloud data sources, such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Mail & Google Docs, and others.

eTERA’s EIA program encompasses several key technology components including:

  • Automated workflow and project procedures;
  • Custodial identification and advanced data mapping through Active Directory and LDAP integration;
  • Proven, defensible templates, questionnaires and forms integrated into technology solutions;
  • Automated data mapping, with an accurate map of company’s electronically stored information, and data remediation, including collection, filtering, searching and processing of data;
  • Highly sophisticated litigation hold software, with defensible and reportable workflows;
  • Advanced integration with Office365, SharePoint, AWS/Azure, Exchange and many other third party data sources for easier management and visibility;
  • Advanced analytics, allowing for a faster interpretation of data

eTERA’s experts also provide key processes, defensibilities and high-end content including:

  • Preparation of counsel to understand organizational structure concerning key custodians;
  • Preparation of counsel to understand issues of concerns, as related to data;
  • Creation of eDiscovery manuals, processes and procedures;
  • Determination of standard operating procedures for information technology support and discovery teams;
  • Development of data management strategies and discovery plans to government authorities;
  • Creation of defense of process memorandum;
  • Training and education at all levels – executive, supervisory, administrator and user; and
  • Education of witnesses on key issues within an investigation.

The data that a corporation has in its network can expose it to security, privacy, legal, and compliance risks.  The EIA program allows corporations to take command and control of their data so that they understand exactly what their data challenges may be. With a broad range of technologies, eTERA’s experts can help with the following tasks:

  • Identify sensitive PII, PCI, EU GDPR-related, HIPAA or other business critical information stored on the network;
  • Reduce storage costs within the corporation by identifying and deleting content that is no longer needed and is outside current retention policies;
  • Reduce external costs and security risks by using technology to determine where all of your data is at outside providers (e.g., law firms, service providers) and identify non-relevant data for destruction;
  • Detect employee changes and take automated corrective action, including the hiring, termination, or department changes of an employee, such as taking a backup of their files, notifying records management or IT of the change and the releasing of the employee from unnecessary litigation holds;
  • Create customized procedures to manage FOIA and/or public records responses, with advanced, automated project management tools; and
  • Prepare data to be streamlined as it proceeds throughout the discovery process.

Overall, eTERA’s EIA program provides an extensive information governance solution with seamless integration with eDiscovery services.  The EIA technology solutions synchronize legacy work product information within the corporation and at various third party locations, with the ability to read and track tagging on that data.

eTERA’s EIA automated workflows and business rules then allow the continuously synchronization of such information with such products as Office 365, SharePoint, AWS/Azure and other client on premise and cloud data sources.

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