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Rev1ew One® is eTERA Consulting’s document review solution that integrates project management, contract staffing, quality control processes, technology and real time reporting to ensure that corporations and law firms effectively manage document reviews which are the most costly part of eDiscovery. Rev1ew One helps clients to identify and analyze key data, and reduce the amount of data that does not require processing and review resulting in significant cost savings, enhanced decision making abilities, efficiencies, and defensibility.

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To help speed review and reduce the volume of data to be reviewed, Rev1ew One uses the latest technology encompassing:

  • Early case assessment
  • Predictive coding
  • Email threading
  • Near duplication
  • Clustering

The Rev1ew One process can be described in four phases.

Preparation – Project Leaders work with Counsel to understand the nature and scope of the project, finalize staffing and analytical workflow, and develop training materials. This process typically takes one to two weeks.

Training – Counsel and the project leaders train the review team and conduct team testing. This process typically takes one to two days. During the first few days of the review, reviewers are tested on the accuracy of their coding.

Review and Quality Control – The Project Leaders lead the document review under the supervision of Counsel. Each group of 10-15 reviewers is assigned a quality control reviewer whose role is to conduct the re-review, and provide feedback to the reviewers as to defects in their analysis. This results in analytical defects being identified and corrected on a daily basis for each reviewer as necessary. Turnover of reviewers is minimized to less than 10% of the review professionals during the life of the project.

Completion – The review analysis that has been captured in the document review database is made accessible or provided to Counsel. Through this process, the eTERA team integrates with the legal team to accomplish the document review in a high quality, accurate, cost-effective, and cost-predictable way.

Rev1ew One reporting includes:

  • Responsiveness analysis
  • Issue review
  • Privilege analysis
  • Reviewer efficiency analysis
  • Stage-by-stage data reporting
  • Enhanced search specialization
  • Custom predictive coding reports
  • Custom web analytics

The results you can expect from Rev1ew One include:

  • Increased review speed by 30%-40%
  • Significant reduction in document review labor costs
  • Increased transparency of the review process
  • Faster, defensible and cost-effective productions

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