Managed Review and Staffing

Document review is often the costliest part of eDiscovery. With Rev1ew One®, it doesn’t have to be.

Built by a leading team of former AmLAW 50 attorneys with over 10 years of successful managed reviews across many companies and industries, we understand that document review can impose tremendous costs and burdens on the discovery process.  The best way to minimize those costs and burdens is to have a defined and well-executed process for managed review that can be deployed in every case, integrated with excellent client service that is tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Rev1ew One is eTERA Consulting’s document review solution that integrates project management, contract staffing, quality control processes, technology, and real-time reporting to effectively manage document review projects. The Rev1ew One Managed Review process is focused on managing and administering the review team to achieve quality, accuracy and efficiency pursuant to well defined and well tested workflows. Unlike most managed review providers, eTERA has built expert validation and defense of process into every step of its document review process, and can document and testify as to the achievement of best practices for document review in every matter.

Our Rev1ew One Managed Review approach includes:

  • on-site project management teams highly experienced in managing document review projects;
  • superior facilities and a great working environment for contract attorneys;
  • real-time training and collaboration;
  • brand new review workstations with large flat screens configured to permit efficient review;
  • capacity for hundreds of reviewers with the ability to scale rapidly for large projects with short deadlines; and,
  • office space for visiting attorneys from corporate legal departments or law firms.

Rev1ew One leverages software solutions to provide a sophisticated and intelligent review process including using the latest technology for early case assessment, predictive coding, email threading, near duplication, and clustering.

eTERA uses analytics on almost 90% of our cases to help our clients reduce cost.

In fact, Technology Assisted Review (TAR) has application in almost every review project now.  Near duplication and email threading speed the document review cycle, thus reducing cost to the client.  Clustering and concept searching can have a narrower application depending on the case size and the data and search requirements.

At eTERA, our award-winning methodology for review can be described in four phases: Preparation; Training; Review and Quality Control; and Completion. Through this process, the eTERA team integrates with the legal team to accomplish the document review in a high quality, accurate, cost-effective, and cost-predictable way.

Preparation – Project Leaders work with Counsel to understand the nature and scope of the project, to finalize staffing and analytical workflow, and to develop training materials. This process typically takes one to two weeks.

Training – Project Leaders collaborate with Counsel to train the review team and conduct team testing. This process typically takes one to two days. During the first few days of the review, reviewers are tested on the accuracy of their coding.

Review and Quality Control –Project Leaders manage the document review under the supervision of Counsel. Each group of 10-15 reviewers is assigned a quality control reviewer whose role is to conduct re-review and formulate searches to provide feedback to the reviewers as to defects in their analyses. These analytical defects are identified and corrected daily for each reviewer, as necessary. Consequently, reviewer turnover is minimized to less than 10% during the life of the project.

Completion – Review analysis captured in the document review database is made accessible to Counsel.

eTERA’s Rev1ew One team provides  daily reporting to our clients with a detailed, on-going picture of review metrics, highlighting responsiveness, issue tags, and reviewer pace, amongst project updates and additional elements tailored to the needs of the case and the client. Detailed reporting can include:

  • Responsiveness analysis
  • Issue review
  • Privilege analysis
  • Reviewer efficiency analysis
  • Stage-by-stage data reporting
  • Enhanced search specialization
  • Custom predictive coding reports
  • Custom web analytics

Lastly and most importantly Rev1ew One takes care of its review team and distinguishes itself by ensuring that each review team has high quality reviewers, the right people assigned to each review, and satisfied and productive reviewers. We are continually able to retain a database of high-caliber contract reviewers by offering compensation at or above market rates, providing bonus pay for project completion and extended service time, providing an advancement path within the company, and treating employees with dignity and respect.

By implementing the phases of the Rev1ew One process through eTERA’s document review solution, clients can expect the following results:

  • Increased review speed by 30%-40%
  • Significant reduction in document review labor costs
  • Increased transparency of the review process
  • Faster, defensible, and cost-effective productions

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