Transparent Processing and Hosting

Transparent data processing and business intelligence reporting


1ntelligent One® is eTERA Consulting’s transparent data processing and business intelligence reporting system which includes web review hosting. Electronic data is processed and hosted in secure data facilities, while European data is usually located in-country or onsite.

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1ntelligent One combines dynamic data metrics reporting with a transparent electronic data reduction process that provides clients with input and insight into the overall effectiveness of data filtering. 1ntelligent One is designed so clients can see the process and tweak the filtering to eliminate up to 95% of the data prior to document review, resulting in significant savings in downstream attorney review costs.

The many benefits that 1ntelligent One offers include:

  • Transparency of process
  • Option of traditional, fixed price or subscription pricing
  • Substantial reduction of data to be reviewed
  • Dynamic data metrics reporting to make real-time decisions
  • Stage-by-stage customized reporting
  • Subject matter experts who have worked for corporations, law firms and government agencies
  • High processing capacity to stay ahead of the review team
  • Extensive security measures and protocols to meet corporate security requirements

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